About ERC

The Portuguese Regulatory Authority for the Media (ERC - Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social) is an independent administrative body established by the law n. 53 of November 8th, 2005.

ERC is a legal person governed by public law, operating as an independent administrative authority, which pursues the duties attributed to it under the Constitution, independently determining the orientation of its activities, without being subject to any instructions or guidelines from the political authorities.

ERC operates since February 17th, 2007, when its first Regulatory Board took an oath before the President of the Portuguese Parliament. ERC is established in Lisbon.

The ERC regulation mission comprises all legal persons pursuing mass media activities, under the jurisdiction of the Portuguese State, which include News agencies; Individuals or corporate bodies that produce periodical publications, regardless of the form of their distribution; Radio and television operators; Individuals or corporate bodies that provide radio or television programme services to the public via electronic communications networks and Individuals or corporate bodies that regularly provide content subject to their editorial supervision and organised as a coherent whole, to the public, via electronic communications networks.