Terms of Use

Terms of Use

In compliance with its Statutes, ERC provides a website whereby it performs its legal duties of information and transparency concerning its regulatory activity, as well as of improving administration for the benefit of citizens.

This website is hosted by ERC with the aim of disclosing relevant data referent to its structure, activities and decisions, as well as offering to both citizens and media a set of services.

ERC seeks to ensure that the information provided on this website is accurate and up-to-date, as well as to minimize disruption caused by possible technical errors.

ERC reserves the right to modify the structure and content of this website, as well as to totally or partially remove or suspend its dissemination without notice or justification, and to prevent or limit access to the website. ERC’s website links to other websites with relevant content related to media regulation and over which has no control and for which ERC assumes no responsibility.

ERC assumes no liability whatsoever for any resulting damage related to the use of this website or for any resulting inaccuracies, omissions or errors of the information featured on it.

All content on this website is the intellectual property of ERC and is protected by industrial property and copyright laws and cannot be copied or imitated, except where the terms and conditions have been specifically authorised. Any copy or retransmission of the logo, graphic, sound or image from this website is prohibited, unless specifically authorised by ERC.

The information featured on this website may be distributed or reproduced, provided that:

  • All copies refer to the original document at www.erc.pt;
  • All material is acknowledged as ERC copyright: «Copyright © 2022 ERC»;
  • All material is intended exclusively for information or personal purposes, rather than commercial ones.

Personal protection data and cookies policy
As most websites, ERC uses anonymous identifiers (IP - Internet Protocol and cookies) for security, proper operation, and integrity purposes. ERC tracks browsing information to ensure the security and resilience of its networks and systems while guaranteeing adequate operating technical conditions, accessibility and browsing for the user. ERC’s cookie notice further explains what cookies ERC uses, as well as their nature and purposes. Click here for further details on how ERC process personal data from this website.