Opinion Poll Portal

Opinion Poll Portal is a web-based software which can only be accessed by accredited companies. The Portal was designed for the companies to manage and report information on the carrying out and dissemination of opinion polls.
The company Timestamp developed this tool specifically for ERC. The software enables accredited companies to deposit opinion polls, renew or change their accreditation, see disclosures concerning studies they have deposited, and access their activities with ERC.

Internally, the Opinion Poll Portal is ERC’s main work platform to regulate opinion polls and surveys. The features of this tool include: analysis of opinion polls and their dissemination, monitoring of accreditation processes, procedural management, ERC’s educational and preventive efforts, and completion of reports.

Only entities and users duly authorized by ERC can access the Opinion Poll Portal. Besides the regular access to the portal, the software also includes a temporary test environment intended to educate users in how to use the tool.

Opinion Poll Portal - regular access
Opinion Poll Portal - test environment