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Maria Helena Costa de Carvalho e Sousa

Maria Helena Sousa is a full professor at the Department of Communication Sciences of the University of Minho since 2011. With a PhD in Communications Policy (City University, London) since 1996, she has coordinated and taken part in national and international research projects on media regulation, communication policies, and journalism.
Maria Helena Sousa is the editor of the European Journal of Communication (Sage) and full member of the Euromedia Research Group. She has also been working in this field with both the Council of Europe and the European Audiovisual Observatory.
She has also held the following posts: Director of the Communication Sciences doctorate, Vice-president and President of the Institute of Social Sciences (University of Minho), Coordinator of the Observatory on Science, Communication and Culture Policies (POLObs), and President of the Cultural Council of the University of Minho.
Maria Helena Sousa worked at Jornal de Notícias newspaper between 1988 and 1991 in Porto.