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Telmo António Freire Gonçalves da Silva

Imagem do Vogal da ERC, Telmo Gonçalves

Telmo Gonçalves is part of ERC´s permanent staff since 2006 and held the following positions: head of the Media Analysis Department (2007-2012); advisor to the Regulatory Board (2014-2015); chief of staff of the Regulatory Board Office (2018-2020); and Data Protection Officer (2021-2023).

He graduated in Communication Sciences, with specialisation in Journalism, from the Autonomous University of Luís de Camões (1994). He holds a master’s degree in Strategy from the School of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lisbon (2003) and completed a post-graduate degree in Social Sciences at the Institute for Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon (2005).

He devoted a large part of his career to teaching Journalism – at the School of Communication and Media Studies (1999-2014) and at the Teacher Training College of Portalegre (1997-1999) – particularly media studies and journalism. He has also taken part in several research projects.

Internationally, Telmo Gonçalves served as cooperation attaché of the Portuguese Embassy in Angola and as director of the Portuguese Cultural Center in Luanda (2020-2021). He held the position of general coordinator of the European Union Media Program in Timor-Leste –cooperation delegated by the EU to Portugal (2012 – 2014).

Telmo Gonçalves served as Communication Assistant to the Minister of Defence of the 21st Constitutional Government (2015-2018) and was awarded the National Defence Medal – 2nd class for the performance of his duties.

In the first years of his career, Telmo Gonçalves worked as radio and print journalist (TSF – traineeship –, Rádio Clube Português, Ambiente Magazine, Auto Hoje, Mundo Lusófono; 1994 – 1996).

He still works as researcher and speaker, having published several studies and articles on media studies and journalism.