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Artificial Intelligence systems must comply with public transparency requirements

ERC defends general principles of the Paris Charter on Journalism and AI

The Portuguese Regulatory Authority for the Media has ruled for the first time on content generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a television news program, stating that media outlets using AI must follow codes of good practices and make it explicit to the public whether these systems are used only as adjuncts in tasks or whether they replace journalists in the production of journalistic content.

In its Decision ERC/2024/178 (OUT-TV) ERC states that CNN Portugal news channel needs to draw up and publish a charter of principles on the use of Artificial Intelligence in its newsroom if it continues to produce news program content using AI tools. This measure aims to guarantee the integrity of both the content resulting from this technology and the prerogatives inherent to journalistic activity, and to make transparent to viewers the type of tasks performed by these systems - editorial and/or non-editorial.

In its assessment of this case, ERC recalled the 10 general principles set out in the Paris Charter on Journalism and AI, which should guide the use of AI systems in journalistic practice. In particular, the need to respect the founding ethical precepts of journalism, transparency in the use of AI systems in journalism and the prior and independent evaluation by the media and journalists of AI systems used in journalism.