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ERC publishes two studies on the protection of children and young people in the media

ERC publishes two studies on the protection of children and young people in the media The Portuguese Media Regulatory Authority (ERC) published two studies on the protection of younger audiences in the media.

The first, on Children and Young People in the Media in 2022, summarizes ERC’S regulatory actions.

This document brings together thematic analyses carried out by ERC's Media Analysis Department and Media Literacy Unit, as well as the final decisions adopted by the Regulatory Board on the Representation of Children and Youths in Media, as subjects of broadcast content and as recipients.

ERC's analysis reveals that issues related to the protection of the free formation of the personality, as well as safeguarding the image and privacy of children and young people's private and family lives stood out in ERC´s decision about programmes broadcasted on TV.

Commercial communication targeted at children and young people
ERC is also making public another study, drawn up by the Supervision Department, which analyzes commercial communication in television services targeted at young audiences, in the last months of 2023.

This study warns of the need to revise the applicable regulations and adopt measures to limit commercial communication according to the nutritional value associated with the product.

It gathers information on national production available in the last quarter of 2023, from content made available by on-demand audiovisual services (RTP Play, TVI Player and Opto), as well as content broadcasted by linear service operators with children's/youth programs (RTP, SIC, TVI and Dreamia).

The protection of children and young people is one of ERC's priority areas of intervention, as is clear from its Statutes, both in Article 7 (which specifically calls for this regulatory objective) and in the other articles which refer to the protection of the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens in general, including children and young people.