Legislação em inglês

Neste local a ERC disponibiliza os documentos/legislação traduzidos para língua inglesa:

Statutes of the Regulatory Authority for the Media (ERC – Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social)
Law no. 53/2005 of 8 November

Television Law
Law no. 8/2011 of 11 April

Transposition into Portuguese law Directive (EU) 2018/1808 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 November 2018 amending Law No. 27/2007 of 30 July on Television and On-demand Audiovisual Services, and Law No. 55/2021 of 6 September on the foster, development and protection of film art and cinematographic and audiovisual activities
Law n.º 74/2020 of 19 November

Declaration of Rectification No. 2-A/2021 of 18 January 2021

Press Law
Law no. 2/99 of 13 January

Radio Law
Law no. 54/2010 of 24 December

Registration procedures of the media
Regulatory Decree no. 2/2009 of 27 January

Charging Regime
Decree-law No. 103/2006 of 7 June

Transparency of the ownership, management and means of financing of those entities that carry out media activities and it alters the Press Act, the TV Act and the Radio Act
Law no. 78/2015 of 29 July

Legal framework for the publication and dissemination of opinion polls and surveys
Law no. 10/2000 of 21 June

Rules and duties of transparency to which the State's advertising campaigns are subject, as well as the rules that apply to its distribution in the country, through the local and regional media, repaling Decree-Law no. 231/2004, of 13 December
Law no. 95/2015 of 17 August

Advertising in Periodicals
Directive 1/2009

Participation of electoral candidates in debates, interviews, commentary and other opinion segments in the media
Directive 2/2009

Exercise of the right to news extracts and the use of images subject to exclusive television broadcasting rights
Directive 1/2014

Accessibility for persons with special needs
ERC/2016/260 (OUT-TV) Decision

Protection of more sensitive audiences
Decision ERC/2016/249 (OUT-TV)

Concession contract of the public radio and television service