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Maria Luísa Roseira da Nova Ferreira de Oliveira Gonçalves

Luísa Roseira was born in Oporto (1973).

Luísa Roseira Gonçalves holds a Law degree (1996) and a Post-Graduation in European Studies (1997) both granted by the Portuguese Catholic University and a Post-Graduation in Public Administration granted by Minho University (2008).

Luisa Roseira started her career in the Public Administration sector (2000) and held the position of attorney until 2006, when was nominated Executive Manager in the Public Administration sector.

In 2009 Luisa Roseira was elected Member of the Parliament at the Portuguese Assembly of the Republic, and also became a Member of the Portuguese Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. At the Council of Europe, Luísa Roseira became Member of the European Committee of Culture, Science and Education while also ensuring the Portuguese Representation on Council of Europe’s Sub-Committee on the Media.

An author of various academic works, Luisa Roseira has also been a guest speaker on numerous conferences regarding legal affairs namely: Administrative Reform, Public Management and Local Administration Law (city councils and local autarchies).

On November 9th 2011 Luísa Roseira was appointed Member of the Regulatory Board.